Giulia Fresco

Giulia Fresco

Giulia Fresco

Business Unit Lead at Armundia Group

How do you live the current generational shift at Armundia?

I have been directly involved in the transition of the company as I have been assigned to the role of strategic business unit supervisor, with full focus on one of our major banking clients. Through this generational change the company is evolving by relying on the internal resources, following and handing over two core values ​​of Armundia: drive towards the future, and valorisation of the human capital. In my opinion, this means embracing the change with a sense of responsibility both externally and internally and, representing the company values ​while focussing on our our growth and positioning.

What is the scope of your team and what are the most challenging projects for 2023?

I am excited about the current evolution of our platforms and models, to integrate sustainable finance tools and ESG investment. Both for the complexity of these projects and because, in doing so, we contribute to an important global change. An inspiring transformation that bears a great sense of responsibility, because our clients in the banking, financial and insurance sectors are at the center of the economic and social system.They aim to significantly increase the level of digitalisation and ESG integration in the day-to-day consultancy, during this historical time period. Today, integrating digital innovation and sustainable development is an essential factor in every business strategy, as it allows us to be ahead of the curve with a long-term vision and planning, reducing waste and saving greater resources.

What is the corporate value in which you recognise yourself the most?

Harmony, the quintessential value of Armundia. It means working with passion on projects you believe in, both with the client and with your team. By working peacefully we are able to simplify complexities, and build a flowing and harmonious environment that pushes us to the discovery of what lies beyond, to find something new, where perhaps you ‘sweat’ even more but it can really be worth it.

How does your job enable you to use your skills and talents?

I believe I can really express myself and enhance my talent, by building rapport with the client and with colleagues. Because I am able to establish communication channels that touch on various chords, from the technical response to a specific request, to the anticipation of any problems that may arise, up to the best path to take to achieve the best solution. I am certainly leveraging my skills but, above all, I am experimenting with what I like best, which is to lead a project, support the team, find solutions together and keep the situation under control.

What do you think about the implementations of artificial intelligence in your work?

Artificial intelligence is an open sea that Armundia is actually already navigating with its R&D division. This is an interesting topic, but one that needs to be treated with care. Because although softwares are pivotal for the financial sector and the emerging awareness, we must not forget about the human factor, its creativity, know-how and expertise that guides the new technologies to provide practical, useful, responsible and ethical solutions for our society.

In 1964, Umberto Eco spoke of apocalyptic and integrated, already outlining two attitudes that society would have towards innovation. Which side are you on?

Considering the decade we are living in, I see the near future in a positive way. Our human nature pushes us to fix things, to solve problems, to correct the course of work, to bring situations back to their natural state of stillness. With regards to the far future, I would say that the overall attitude can only always be the apocalyptic one. In fact, if we weren’t able to even imagine we wouldn’t feel the need to take action by putting things back in order.

If Armundia was an image, what image would that be?

The image of a seaside town: a hamlet with a beautiful view, the sea, the shadow of an alley from where a kitten might come out, but also some stairs to climb under the sun. A sea not only to look at but in which you can swim, even if it is tiring, because there is fresh water and it is nice to move around. Because you always have to dive into the sea.

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