Armundia Luxembourg is the company within the Armundia Group that focuses exclusively on the banking and insurance market in Luxembourg. As a specialized entity, it commits to providing tailored solutions that comply with the country’s particularities and stringent industry regulations.

With an approach that combines technological innovation and an in-depth knowledge of the local market, Armundia Luxembourg’s offerings range from Fintech and Insurtech platforms to consulting and Business Process Outsourcing services, all designed to dynamically meet market changes and customer needs.

Headquarter: Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Luxembourg City
Subsidiary of: Armundia Group
CEO: Paolo Maceratesi
Board Members: Gianluca Berghella, Paolo Maceratesi
Organization: Franco Di Michino (General Manager), Carlo Massimiliano Speranza (Sales Director), Andrei Carare (Operation and Account Manager)
Core business: Fintech and insurtech platforms, Consulting Services, BPO

Committed to delivering the highest level of service, Armundia Luxembourg offers solutions that are designed and developed specifically for the Luxembourg market, suitable for local market dynamics and regulatory context. Close collaboration with clients ensures that strategies remain aligned with goals and market trends. What sets them apart is their ability to customize solutions to meet diverse needs, processes, workflows, and service models, empowering and making operators more competitive in a constantly changing sector.

We believe in the power of strategic and specialized expertise to guide banks, financial institutions and insurance companies on their paths of evolution, innovation and modernization. Technology is a commodity; having a shared vision for the medium to long term is strategic.

(P. Maceratesi, Armundia Luxembourg’ CEO)


Armundia Luxembourg is member of ABBL

Armundia Luxembourg is member of ABBL – Association des Banques et Banquiers Luxembourg.

Armundia Luxembourg is member of The LHoFT

Armundia Luxembourg is member of The LHoFT- Luxembourg House of Financial Technology







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