Armundia academy

armundia academy

Armundia Academy is an initiative designed and promoted by Armundia Group with the idea of becoming a tangible and strategic boost the evolution of banking, finance and insurance’s market. Armundia Academy wants to be a laboratory of reflection and shared training that develops through a rich and qualified roundtable program, workshops, conferences and study days. Industry experts, entrepreneurs, academics, media communication operators meet to discuss technology, business rules, markets, and regulations with the intention of generating concrete ideas and proposals for the growth of their areas of expertise.


8 MARZO 2018, Milano

Tavola Rotonda “Consulenza e Tecnologia nella Bancassurance Vita”

Tavola Rotonda “Quale customer experience per il cliente private? Tra digitale, modelli di servizio, normativa e segmentazione”.

19 OTTOBRE 2017, Milano

27 OTTOBRE 2016, Milano

Tavola Rotonda “Private Banking e Digitale: quali strumenti per la relazione”.

Tavola Rotonda “Conoscere e gestire il nuovo cliente Private”.

15 OTTOBRE 2015, Milano