Armundia Group supports the banking and insurance industry in the design, development and implementation of effective, rational and sustainable Digital Transformation processes. We provide truly innovative and natively digital Fintech and Insurtech solutions thanks to our solid skills born from decades of experience in the ICT sector and a strategic vision approach.

Armundia Group
inner harmony, harmony with customer, software harmony

The name Armundia comes from the combination of “harmony” and “world”. It is a neologism that particularly highlights harmony as a distinctive element of our corporate identity and business offer, according to three declinations: “inner harmony“, “harmony with customer” and “software harmony“.


We aim to always stand out for our highly innovative services and products. We design and develop information systems that represent a benchmark in the ICT landscape. Hence an important reference for anyone who wants to update, evolve and become more competitive.
Excellence for us stands for leadership, high quality of services and products, strategic know-how and relevant expertise. But it is not just that. It is in fact a way of being and doing. It pushes us to constantly and consistently seek better ideas for the future of the community;.
We respond to the key inputs and impulses coming from our customers, through a logic of partnership and a high level of customization of our service and products. We are therefore capable of solving critical issues and transforming needs into business opportunities.
Our international approach is an important element of strategic growth. It provides us with an up to date critical view of market trends in the various geographic areas, enabling a quick and positive response to customer needs, changing regulatory conditions and competitive actions.
Human resources are the beating heart of every company. That is why we train highly prepared and passionate professionals, by investing in upskilling and specialization courses.
Building a community is a distinctive dynamics that fosters growth through the exchange and sharing of ideas. We want to create a worldwide Armundia Group community with the aim of fuelling research, identifying new avenues for innovation and translating our most ambitious visions into reality. A community where we grow together while growing as a whole.


Armundia Group rethinks its own icon through the type art technique, a visual expression that goes beyond the literal signifier. It takes on evocative autonomy with a contemporary vocabulary.

The geometric shapes are those of the Armundia Group native brand. The triangle is an ascending symbol that expresses the visionary soul of the group and the striving for excellence. The circle is an allusion to the concept of “world of perfection and harmony” embedded in the company name.

Doubling up the circular shapes gives dynamism to the graphic composition, restoring the sinuosity of the waves. Hence It suggests fluidity and continuous tension towards change.








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