Armundia Group launches A-Human: the intelligent copilot

From generalist AI to specialist AI, the new frontier of AI co-pilots for the banking, insurance and financial industries: the system revolutionises the sector’s decision-making, organisational and operational processes by improving efficiency

Milan, 26th March 2024 – Armundia Group, an international tech company specialised in providing platforms and ICT services for banks, insurance companies, and financial consulting firms, continues to position itself at the forefront of innovation in the sector by unveiling Armundia A-Human, the new frontier for industry AI co-pilots.

Designed by the Company, the system aims to make corporate decision-making processes more efficient at all organisational levels. The innovative model of interaction with customers and the accessibility to information through detailed recommendations and insights on a large scale in real-time, based on internal and external data, are at the core of the new offering.

Trained on specialised skills, the co-pilot is an expert agent who leverages the combined power of large language models (LLMs) and generative AI to analyse, interpret, and harness the vast information assets available to banks, financial institutions, and insurance companies and automate operational workflows by interpreting requests and triggering chains of processes.

Thanks to Natural Language Processing (NLP), the system simulates conversations in commonly spoken language, understands the purpose of user questions, suggests the most effective inputs, and provides clear answers that make the human-machine relationship very close to human interaction. Armundia A-Human is secure, reliable, and ethical, as control and responsibility stay with the people using it. It focuses on explainability, ensuring transparency and comprehensibility of its processes and generated results.

Armundia A-Human is a cutting-edge solution with adaptability as its core strength. We are confident it can significantly benefit the company at every level, from strategic planning, organisation, and operations to compliance and contractual customer management. We’re bringing to the market a solution that enables business and competitive edge by combining three strategic factors: the richness of data, the human heritage of know-how and expertise, and the computational power of machine learning and deep learning” – explains Elisa Bruno, Italy Sales Director di Armundia Group.

Complete with data-driven image, chart, document, and narrative report generation functionalities, Armundia A-Human can be integrated with Spatial Computing platforms and linked to a three-dimensional Data Storytelling system. This allows for extracting, processing, manipulating and querying data in interactive 3D mode and augmented reality on desktop, mobile and wearable devices.

Armundia A-Human is adaptable to a wide range of use cases. Thanks to its flexibility and scalability, it can be easily and securely incorporated into any technological stack and tailored to customer data based on the organisational environment, decision-making models, and operational flows. After a period of training, managed by industry specialists, and learning from documented sources using Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) techniques, the system can adapt to specific needs, integrate with the context of the company, provide results and trigger behaviours in line with the customer’s preferences.

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Armundia A-Human, expert AI-powered financial and insurance copilot

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