Andrei Carare

Andrei Carare — Human Capital

Andrei Carare

Business Unit Lead at Armundia Group

How are you navigating through the corporate shifts happening at Armundia?

For me, the new corporate structure represents a natural evolution following Armundia Group’s growth. Having worked between Italy and Luxembourg for six years, my goal has always been to propel the company forward and position us as an international entity capable of exploring new markets. I’m delighted because it all came together on October 16th, when Armundia Luxembourg was born. It reflects our sustained growth, particularly in recent years, and the seamless generational transition of managers aligns with our company culture, values, and vision.

How has your approach to work been redefined?

In my current role as a Senior Business Analyst and Project Manager, I find myself engaging in both operational and strategic activities. I navigate through every project phase – from skill-based team analysis to building a cohesive working group, to liaise with the client to craft the best solutions they need.

Can you share with us the journey that brought you to Luxembourg?

My journey started with a multidisciplinary education spanning economics and information technology. Armed with a three-year degree in economics and commerce and a specialist degree in economic and business sciences, complemented by programming courses, I initially split my time between Italy and Luxembourg. However, I was eager to learn and understand more about the local market; this led me to extend my stay in Luxembourg, where I currently work for 20 to 25 days per month.

Which platforms do you work on?

In Luxembourg, we work with asset and wealth management platforms, constantly evolving them alongside our clients. We’re also introducing the new holistic and client-centred Armundia 3SISXTY/ADVISORY platform which provides a comprehensive and innovative financial and insurance consultancy service on asset portfolios. Specifically for the Luxembourg market, we’ve developed the Armundia 3SIXTY/DATACHECK platform to monitor data quality and conduct second-level checks on outsourced services.

How do you manage your international team?

Armundia Luxembourg was founded with the goal of cultivating a local talent pool to drive business development. When launching new projects, having a team physically present becomes pivotal, ensuring the primary tasks are carried out seamlessly and creating a positive environment for both operational efficiency and growth.

In the context of Luxembourg, what are the main needs for banks in terms of digital transformation strategies?

This is a well-regarded market, where the financial sector wields significant influence although still partially based on traditional banking. It is opening to the opportunities arising from the digital transformation and emerging technological solutions. The aim is to optimise operations and transition to application systems that are both scalable and sustainable, improving efficiency and driving cost reduction. In my opinion, it’s an undeniable reality – this market is on a path to fully embrace digitalization.

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