Digital Innovation

Technological innovation, if not shared, is wasted

Harmonizing innovation: a competitive strategy for the future. by Gianluca Berghella, President & CEO, Armundia Group Our society is undergoing a monumental revolution: artificial intelligence has been dubbed the electricity...

Artificial intelligence and humanity: allied, not contigent

AI can be crucial in the evolution of the banking and financial market, as long as we bear in mind the central role of human creativity in the decision-making process....


THE FIRST PROTOTYPE FOR BANKING, FINANCIAL AND INSURANCE CONSULTING IN THE METAVERSE. Milan, 30 September 2022 - Armundia Group presented the first metaverse prototype for the Financial Advisor during the...

The banking industry in the metaverse

The banking industry in the metaverse: the evolution of the bank-customer contact model across sustainable scenarios, data-driven technologies and augmented reality experiences. By Gianluca Berghella Banks as well are now...







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