Milan, 30 September 2022 – Armundia Group presented the first metaverse prototype for the Financial Advisor during the “Armundia TalkInn 2022” event, which was held last night in Milan at Tower47 boasting great numbers both on stage and in the audience.

“Next Generation Bank: from the traditional model to open banking across technology, sustainability and innovation” This event has been organized by Armundia Group, as an opportunity for the main players of the banking sector to share views about evolution of the banking and insurance systems.

Armundia took the chance during this occasion of open discussion about the future of financial services and the relationship with the customer, across new business models, the metaverse and augmented reality to present a preview of Armundia Immersive Advisory to the financial community. The first metaverse-prototype for banking, financial and insurance consultancy was designed and developed in collaboration with the DISIM Department of the University of L’Aquila. Its main purpose is supporting the sector in the constant digital evolution of the strategic advisory services and redesign of the customer journey. In an increasingly hybrid, omnichannel and integrated direction, which however does not preclude the possibility of physical experience.

It’s possible to book the appointment remotely or at the branch. The customer and the banker authenticate themselves using any type of digital device and, after having customised their avatar, they connect with the metaverse – of the bank – to live a simultaneous three-dimensional interactive.

By wearing virtual reality headsets, users can dive in a virtual architectural space face to face with their own digital aliases that reproduce lip movements, sounds and gestures in real time.

Armundia Immersive Advisory Prototipo Metaverso

Within the virtual environment, the consultant and the client can carry out, without any obstacle or limitation, a real advisory session facilitated by an advanced simultaneous translation feature developed by Armundia Group. In the metaverse, the banker can communicate with the client in any language and collect all data for MiFID2 profiling, as well as display and manipulate images, graphic vectors and three-dimensional customisable models. The banker then builds, together with the customer, the investment or insurance coverage proposal closest to the objectives and risk profile. The environment allows you to embed any type of content, such as 3d modeling of the assets held, graphs on the portfolio, interactive presentations on investment strategies, statistics and yield forecasts.

Thanks to the perfect fusion between physical reality and the digital world, Armundia Immersive Advisory designs a customer experience that does not replace but integrates with the physical experience. An hybrid solution that puts in contact consultants and clients wherever they are. Complex data and phenomena can be understood immediately and intuitively, thanks to multidimensional and interactive Augmented Reality content that enhances the session.

“This advanced and unique result on the Italian territory is the result of our scientific research on the metaverse applied to the banking and insurance industry. We started experimenting with virtual reality five years ago, and now we are the first to redesign the experience of financial advisory into the metaverse. We thus lay the foundations for a totally flexible and scalable system, certainly valid for other kinds of services in the banking sector, even to support the branches” said Gianluca Berghella,  Armundia Group CEO.

Armundia Group’s prototype is fully customisable according to the customer journey and the specific architectural, functional and experiential requirements of the bank.

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