Human Capital

Barbara Belfi

Barbara Belfi Operation Manager of the “Insurtech” Business Unit at Armundia Group Let's start from the current Armundia generational handover. How are you experiencing it? I joined Armundia about two...

Cosmo Damiano Delli Bergoli

Cosmo Damiano Delli Bergoli Business Unit Lead at Armundia Group How have you been directly involved with Armundia's internal reorganisation? I am currently leading a Business Unit dedicated to an...

Giulia Fresco

Giulia Fresco Business Unit Lead at Armundia Group How do you live the current generational shift at Armundia? I have been directly involved in the transition of the company as...

Federico Verri

Federico Verri “Banche Estere” Business Unit Lead at Armundia Group You joined Armundia at a very young age, 13 years ago. I joined for a six month experience and I'm...

Stefano Garbarini

Stefano Garbarini Application Management and Business Process Outsourcing Services Lead at Armundia Group How do you live this important period of business evolution in Armundia? Definitely in a positive and...







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