Armundia TalkInn, a format about vision to oversee innovation

The “Armundia TalkInn, Vision and Innovation” is an event organized and promoted by Armundia Group. It took place on Thursday 10 October 2019 at Terrazza Martini in Milan.

The event consisted in three consecutive round tables on the theme “The digital transformation in the Italian banking and insurance industry”. It included the participation of Monica Bertini and the moderation of Dario Donato, journalist and television host.

Vision and innovation

How are the banking and insurance sectors in Italy today embracing the drive for the innovative process? If the demand for change includes the ability to “press on the digital accelerator to create opportunities, business and growth”, what are the strategies that are being implemented? What are the objectives we have achieved to date? These are some of the questions that arose in the Armundia Talkinn event.

The event outlined the scenario of ongoing projects and future programs to manage a process that requires constant overseeing, in light of the changing needs of the clientele and the continuous evolution of technological frontiers. Between the transformative approach of Fintech and Insurtech and the additional strategies to propose new services or new ways of providing existing traditional services. 

For a culture of innovation that focuses not on products or services but on people’s values ​​and needs, with vision and inspiration.

The following delegates took part in the Armundia Talkinn:

  • Gianluca Berghella | Armundia Group
  • CarloAlberto Carnevale Maffè | SDA Bocconi
      • Moreno Ferrario | LinkedIn Italia
  • Emilio Franco | Mediobanca SGR
  • Leopoldo Gasbarro | Wall Street Italia
  • Riccardo Renna | Banca Generali
  • Vincenzo Tortorici | Boston Consulting Group
  • Flavio Valeri | Deutsche Bank Italia
  • Claudia Vassena | Buddybank (Unicredit)

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