Next Generation Bank: from the traditional model to open banking across technology, sustainability and innovation

Milan, 27 settembre 2022 – The annual Armundia TalkInn event will take place on Thursday 29 September at Tower47, in the heart of the Citylife district of Milan. The event is organised and promoted by Armundia Group, is a digital company that designs and supplies Fintech and Insurtech digital solutions.

The first class keynote panel will be moderated by journalist Dario Donato and will explore the core topic “Next Generation Bank: from the traditional model to open banking across technology, sustainability and innovation”.

What will be the main characteristics of the bank of the future? Bank related digital thinking, what is the level of distribution in Italy? Banking experience in the metaverse, where are we?

The strategic importance of data and artificial intelligence, the ethical commitment and goals towards inclusion and sustainability, the responsible use of Human Tech, the new frontiers of the metaverse. The banking sector is undergoing an important process of redefining its own identity, the strategic relationship with the customers and its presence on the global market.

Both digital banks and traditional banks face the challenge of balancing the drive towards a sustainable future growth, together with the need to intercept new customer segments and strengthen the relationship between banker/branch and customers. Facing this challenge requires an adequate level of digital thinking to responsibly guide the evolution of the sector and aim for an endemic, harmonious and sustainable renewal of the operational and organisational structures of the banking industry.

The event shines a light on the new paradigms, risks, opportunities and visions of an ever-evolving sector. It creates moments of discussion on what it means to run a bank in the third millennium while looking into the future of financial services. Across new business models, augmented reality and digital spaces of the metaverse.

Armundia TalkInn 2022 Keynote Speakers:

Gianluca Berghella | Presidente e CEO di Armundia Group

Federico Ghizzoni | Presidente di Rothschild Italia

Giovanni Pirovano | Presidente di Banca Mediolanum

Claudia Vassena | Responsabile Sales and Marketing Digital Retail di Banca Intesa Sanpaolo.

Armundia TalkInn consists of a series of round tables organised and promoted by Armundia Group whose objective is to capitalise on knowledge by building an observatory to look over the future of the banking and insurance industry. To understand the drivers of the transformative processes underway, ask the right questions and put in place the most appropriate strategies. For a culture of innovation that focuses not on services but on people, their values ​​and needs, with vision, ethics and inspiration.

Armundia Talkinn 2022

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