We have launched Armundia Academy Campus, the training program designed for all Armundia Group’s employees. The campus facilitates the integration of new recruits, helps developing relevant skills for different professional roles, promotes growth of talents and future leaders. Overall, it fosters an operating culture based on the integration and exchange between different roles and functions.

The Armundia Academy Campus has been created according to the entrepreneurial culture values of human centrality and social responsibility. Skills development is a virtuous circle that is good for both human resources and the company. It enhances the value and potential of the employees while increasing business productivity.

Gianluca Berghella, President and CEO of Armundia Group states that: “At Armundia Group we believe studying, training, keeping up to date and maintaining a constant professional stimulation are the keys for business success, and for a responsible and sustainable collective growth. Hence, coaching is a topic that is very dear to us. A company is not just an industry that does business. It is first and foremost a network of talents. It is a social microcosm where we share experiences and career paths..

Armundia Academy Campus

The Armundia Academy Campus addresses the different company roles and provides four levels of training.

The first level is the Induction Course, designed for new recruits. It supports both the harmonious process of company integration and the achievement of the technical skills necessary for the role.

The second level is the Basic Management Course, intended for Project Managers and Project Engineers. It aims to increase sensitivity and skills to properly manage the relationship with the customer, as well as to facilitate the regular upgrade of key technical skills to manage the role.

The third level is the Advanced Management Course, designed for Managers. It helps them developing selection methods skills and mastering Project Management techniques and theories. It also provides references regarding leadership standpoints within the business organization.

The fourth level is the Talent Garden Course that fosters young people with high potential, not yet managers. It enhances technical skills and facilitates growth within the Group from a management point of view

The Armundia Academy Campus is based at Palazzo Natellis, in the historic centre of L’Aquila where Armundia Group’s L’Aquila offices are located. It will attract around one hundred people within human resources, from all the Group’s other Italian offices (Rome, Milan, Empoli).

It is not easy nor cheap to set up the campus logistic centre in Central Italy. As it is far from the canonical centres and the major banking and insurance market hubs.

According to Gianluca Berghella: “Our idea is to delocalize the campus, a potentially very attractive activity to the equally likely receptive Umbria-Marche territory. Thus, we aim at enhancing the development and harmonious growth of the area, thanks to the generation of competence. In this way, we will activate a virtuous circle to increase competitiveness in the entire country. It is a very stimulating project developed together with the scientific community of The Università dell’Aquila, to ensure the highest standards of the training program.

Skills Training - Armundia Group

In the future, the Armundia Academy Campus will also include training programs specially designed for Italian and foreign customers. These programs will support the roll-out of the application solutions provided by Armundia Group, while encouraging the development of innovative working environments. As a result, the customers will be able to leverage the full potential of Armundia Group digital platforms.

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