Decentralized Finance, Armundia Group’s vision

Decentralized Finance is a cutting edge and extremely popular topic.

It is not a new technology, but a new approach to the use of financial instruments. This new approach leverages recent techniques and information technologies to enhance traditional financial instruments.

This topic was discussed during the workshop organized on the 21st of May by the Digital Innovation Observatories of the Politecnico di Milano and promoted by Armundia Group.

Decentralized Finance

Franco Di Michino, Chief of Consultant Services of Armundia Group was among the speakers. He presented his vision of “Decentralized Post Trading” by giving some insights about his ongoing research. A research aimed at developing an automated protocol for the OTC derivatives management and trading, based on the #DeFi approach.

“Di Michino explained that “We went beyond the disruptive and purely theoretical-experimental concept of DeFi, given its emerging role as alternative to the traditional banking ecosystem. Hence the idea of putting together a solid use-case that applies the decentralized finance concepts to the classic finance system, with a reliable and parametric architecture”.

Decentralized Finance represents an important leap that could bring many benefits and open up new opportunities in a controlled way. In fact, it has many more rules than in a centralized system. It will play an increasingly important role in the future, providing a viable alternative to the current banking system.

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