Armundia Group wins the challenge in L’Aquila and reinvest in the area

With a turnover of 12 million, 20 new hires, and 8 technological innovation projects, the Fintech and Insurtech companies is focusing further on the territory 

L’Aquila, 03 March 2022 – Three and a half years after the opening of a Technological Research and Development Centre in the heart of the city of L’Aquila in the gorgeous Palazzo Natellis, Armundia Group, a digital company specialised in designing and supplying Fintech solutions and Insurtech, wins the challenge and raise their bet on the territory.

Welcomed locally with enthusiasm, the ambitious initiative launched in June 2018 was at the forefront of the cultural and economic revamp of the Abruzzo region after the 2009 earthquake. The project has been supporting enlightened entrepreneurship and world-class scientific innovation, as a driving force for the creation of new jobs, lifelong professional training and the promotion of culture and work ethics.

Thanks to the collaboration with the Department of Engineering and Information Sciences and Mathematics (DISIM) of the University of L’Aquila, in recent years the Company has struck agreements to develop professional training internships, to raise funding for students scholarships, and to offer a wide program of Thematic Workshops about IT scientific research which involved 20 professionals.

Nowadays the Company has 20 employees at the Aquila headquarters, 90% of whom are young recent graduates, a clear response to the local youth unemployment rate of 16% in 2020.

Armundia L'Aquila

Armundia has launched 8 research projects, including the study on financial post-trading of transactions with OTC derivatives, presented to the international scientific community during the Salamanca Congress last October, and the creation of the Armundia Advisory VR prototype. The latter is an operational console that enables a new remote relational experience between banker / financial consultant and clients, via the three-dimensional modelling of data, information and functions and their immersive visualisation in a shared environment in Virtual Reality.

With a turnover of 12 million reached in 2021, Armundia Group does not stop and will soon expand its headquarter in L’Aquila, which is also the base of the Armundia Academy Campus dedicated to training programs and resource placement. In fact, the company will shortly strengthen its professional team and launch a new strategic initiative: a skill centre of Business Process Outsourcing for the banking and insurance sector. Supported by the Research and Development Centre, the hub will facilitate technological and digital transformation processes of banking and insurance systems and organisations, reengineering, optimising and bringing strategic processes to full capacity to allow the complete technological renovation of banking models.

Our headquarters in L’Aquila represents a highly important piece in the strategic plan of expansion of Armundia Group which foresees in 2022 enhancing the research and development activities as well as the internal staff. We are also planning the launch of a new skill centre to provide innovative and qualifying BPO services that will be the drivers of the complete digital renovation of the banking and insurance industry – states Gianluca Berghella, CEO of Armundia Group from Abruzzo -. L’Aquila is the natural outcome of a path started in the early days of Armundia. Myself and other managers have founded this industry group in 2007 with the aim of bringing talent and excellence into the digital transformation processes of the banking and insurance markets. Since then we have selected numerous professionals from the university and to date the group has 180 resources. We think that in L’Aquila – explains Berghella – all the conditions exist to create and determine the future of most of the investments in the development of pioneering research projects for the banking and insurance market: we can rely on a young and highly skilled team, on the collaboration with the University of L’Aquila (which is among the best universities in the world) and on the advantages of territorial decentralisation.

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