Managerial and operational restructuring, internationalisation, technological and sustainable growth and development

  • Group turnover by 2025: over 25 million Euros (+200%)
  • Personnel by 2025: 250 pp (+30%)
  • Investing forecast in research and development by 2025: 5 million Euros (+400%)·
  • Commercial and organisational restructuring
  • New branch in the UK and commercial development in Luxembourg
  • Core upgrade of the Armundia Advisory360 platform: modularization, internationalisation and metaverse

Milan, 22 November 2022 – Important news announced by Gianluca Berghella, CEO of Armundia Group, during Armundia Journey, the annual convention held from 17 to 20 November in Ostuni.

The digital company specialised in the design and supply of Fintech and Insurtech solutions for the banking, financial and insurance sectors, presented the new Business Plan to 2025. The plan sets out to position the company as a main strategic partner for the technological and digital evolution of the national and international market.

The Group will focus their growth over the next three years following two main directions, one internal and one external, and developing three strategic lines.


Armundia Group has distinguished themselves on the market over the years for boasting a strong presence of recent graduate professionals (90% of employees, average age 29). The Group has always been investing on young talents as the new generations have a strong and natural predisposition to ‘innovation. In line with this vision, the Group is laying the first step towards the generational handover of the executive board that will make the company grow according to the same core values, while anticipating new needs, always ahead of time.

Armundia Group presents the new management division, run by 2 directors, one strategic and one operational. Professionals who have distinguished themselves in the company, for their strong initiative and targets achieved are in charge of the 6 Business Units.

The company aims to have created the conditions for the organisational transition (starting from January 2023) within 18 months. It will have identified, trained and confirmed all the people in their future roles adapting to the related processes.

The new management class will take over the company by embracing its cultural heritage, thus ensuring the Group will grow accordingly to its future development with the support of the Board and a new commercial division. In the coming months, in fact, the company will invest significantly on the new commercial division by acquiring important professional figures on the market.

There will be further investments on internal information systems for management control to support the employees of any role in their daily activities.


Armundia’s offer and product strategies have never been based on a national vision of the operational processes but always on a global approach. Armundia Group, with offices in Italy and Albania (with offices in Rome, Milan, L’Aquila, Empoli and Tirana) and with a strong international outreach (commercial relations with 11 European and non-European countries, 4 different languages ​​and religions represented in the company) aims at foreign markets and in particular at the Anglo-Saxon one, as the company is set to open a branch in the UK by the end of the year.

The goal for the UK market and for any other future one is to bring Armundia’s new vision of the digital transformation and innovation process internationally, to the banking and insurance sector, as an added value to increase competitiveness and distinctiveness of services towards customer.

The company also aims at fortifying the convergence between the banking and insurance sectors, through a highly innovative Bancassurance service model, even in conservative geographic areas that are nevertheless potentially fertile.

In the financial services sector, the company is greatly interested in commercial development in Luxembourg, a market that is particularly developed in terms of the offer and ripe to welcome new models of technological and digital development. For 15 years Armundia has been operating in the country with important references.

Over the next three years, the Armundia Advisory 360 platform will be operational and servicing for the first or second bank in 5 Eastern countries (Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary and Serbia).


Over the next three years, Armundia Group aims to double its turnover, between 25 and 30 million euros, and to increase overall personnel by 30%, reaching 250 professionals. In fact, the company intends to strengthen relations with universities and research bodies thanks to competent professionals with cutting-edge skills, following its social sustainability goals: gender, diversity and inclusion.

Investments in research and development will see an increase of more than 20% from the Group´s turnover in the coming months (approximately 5 million, +400% compared to the previous three-year period) and will be across three growth lines: technological, regulatory and commercial. Among the main objectives, the upgrade of the Armundia Advisory360 platform (asset management, finance and insurance sectors) including Insurance Back Office tools, a version for foreign markets, greater segmentation and distribution for customers and a complete modularization of the offer. The offer will thus be fully customisable based on the back end organisational and operational scenarios. With regards to front-end processes, on the other hand, the platform will be adapted to the standards and “journeys” that each entity will strategically adopt.

Armundia Group aims at upgrading the offer to create a “digital application core” capable of helping the banking and insurance industry to develop relationship and sales processes. Furthermore, by 2023, the Metaverse platform front end will be released. The prototype was already introduced on the market last September.

As with regards to the external growth, Armundia Group confirms it is open to potential acquisitions and partnerships, also on the foreign market, with companies in line with their values ​​and business model, and according to the pre-set strategic and geographical targets.

“Over the last three years, despite the pandemic, Armundia Group as a whole has given great proof of maturity, stability and ability to adapt to the new context by ensuring all projects in progress, both for the market and involving internal investments, pursuing the mission of helping customers enhance their competitiveness and distinctiveness factors, thanks to sustainable and rational digital transition and innovation strategies – says Gianluca Berghella, President and CEO of Armundia Group -. All this has contributed to maintaining the growth trend of the Group, both according to the common internal indicators, the opportunities seized in terms of new customers acquired and the consolidation of our relationship with the pre-existing ones”.

“At the beginning of the month, Armundia celebrated its 15th year since the foundation – continues Berghella – and we believe the right time has come to consolidate and accelerate our growth process also thanks to the creation of a new managerial class that can take the lead of the company and all its operational and organisational tasks, allowing the current Board to be able to devote themselves exclusively to strategic business direction and development activities. Totally in line with Armundia’s philosophy, this process will be managed by growing internal divisions, offering an important opportunity to those who have grown and are growing in our company”

Armundia Business Plan 2025

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