Armundia Group builds a new digital platform for Fideuram – Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking

The next-generation front-end for for wealth management combines digital tools, advanced technologies and sustainable patterns to innovate the customer experience, and offer customer-tailored proposals in real time.

Milan, 20 June 2023. Armundia Group, a digital company specialised in Fintech and Insurtech solutions, will provide Fideuram – Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking with a cutting-edge digital platform to support a high value-added service and investment solutions that are diversified, customised and sustainable.

This project is part of the digital transformation process that the Private Division of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group carried out to satisfy the growing need of both families with high financial resources, who will be guided on investment decisions, and financial intermediaries, who aims to further consolidate their role as qualified guides in asset protection.

Armundia Group´s expertise, and its holistic Armundia 3SIXSTY/ADVISORY platform, facilitated the transition to a new operational and technological service model for Wealth Management and Private Banking in just a few months, by leveraging the latest digital technologies and by managing the integration with existing core banking infrastructures, in line with the brand thanks to the complete customization of the application solution.

Armundia 3SIXSTY/ADVISORY has been a real game changer, complying with the institute’s high standards of quality and confidentiality, leading to a redesign of internal procedures and processes between the Personal Financial Adviser and the bank, as well as an important upgrade of the customer experience. The result has been achieved thanks to an increasingly sophisticated implementation, ranging from streamlining regular tasks and minor value-added activities – thanks to powerful workflow automation – to the development of new complex propositions, based on the application of intelligent algorithms.

The platform also offer support for managing financially relevant ESG risks and opportunities, allowing the bank to respond to two emerging needs in the private banking sector: increasing the timescale of portfolios, and offering investment processes based on sustainability to finance real economy.

“Customisation is a crucial challenge for the world of private banking. Whether digital or physical, the companies that offer services based on customer requests, are also those that are the first to gauge the real needs of the market. We are proud to have supported one of the main European players in the sector, such as Fideuram Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking driven by digital innovation is even more customer-oriented. Our Armundia 3SIXSTY/ADVISORY solution was integrated in an agile and effective way with the pre-existing infrastructures, thanks to dedicated research and development of the most appropriate architectures for the project goals –  as stated by Gianluca Berghella, CEO and President of Armundia Group -. In line with our vision of technological innovation: sustainable, perfectly integrable and customer-centric, capable of making our customers increasingly competitive in their reference markets”.

The new scalable and lightweight front-end advisory solution developed by Armundia Group is multi-channel and multi-device. It utilises advanced capabilities based on artificial intelligence algorithms, machine learning, remote identification, advanced instant collaboration and digital signature, to ensure an extremely innovative workflow, that enables the study and proposal of articulated customer-tailored solutions.

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