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Armundia Claim Solver is the cutting-edge portal that links in network insurance companies and their experts for the management and monitoring of all activities related to the evasion of claims reports.

It’s ideal for casualty insurance companies and outsourcer companies operating in claims management.


  • Agile definition of assignment rules
  • Rapid report submission
  • Functionality and maximum system security
  • Safe sharing of data and documents
  • Integration with geolocation systems


It’s a cutting-edge  platform that enables real-time communication between the insurance company and its network of experts as well as the complete automation of all processes.

The portal simplifies and delivers the delicate process of evasion of a report: a workflow engine closely follows each step of the trustee’s work by reducing the timing.


Expert Configuration
The module allows you to configure the expert’s allocation criteria on the basis of his specialization and geographic data. You can define rules for the calculation of the remuneration for the submission of the report.

Expert, Assignment, Remuneration and Report Searches
On the basis of user profiling, the portal makes it possible to search for Experts, Assignments, and Fees and Invoices thanks to multiple search forms.

Report Submission
It manages the complete evasion process, with customizable data depending on the type of assignment.

Fee Verification
The module allows for the verification of the fees included in the phase of Report Submission and offers the user the ability to validate all data and relevant documentation as entered by the expert.

Fee Invoicing
The module enables the creation of invoices on the basis of the reports actually submitted by each expert, eliminating the possibility of incorrect billing.

Communication between experts
The portal makes it possible to send questions, requests, reminders and documents across the network of experts and the company.

The module allows for the generation of reports necessary to monitor the average times and costs of expert network

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Armundia Claim Solver

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