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Armundia Wealth Shaper covers all the steps of the advisory process: Analysis, Assessment, Finance Proposition and post-sales Management in an easy and efficient way.

It is ideal for private and retail banks, financial advisors, asset managers.


  • Total customization, scalability and flexibility
  • Constant alignment with regulatory evolution
  • Completeness of the assessment phase
  • High detail of the financial proposal
  • Speed and reliability of monitoring
  • Compatibility with all IT facilities


The level of analysis offered allows you to design tailormade services on real and specific needs, which can be viewed by the customer and the manager even through the tablet.

Outlining the overall balance sheet and linking it with risk analysis and performance measurement, the software is able to forecast future wealth, revenue and output, and to verify over time the degree of success in achieving the goals set.


Customer Profiling & Clustering
By filling out questionnaires, the user identifies customer’s financial profile and risk tolerance to propose investments that are appropriate to the needs.

Account Acquisition & Aggregation
It allows you to evaluate overall wealth by aggregating all assets, financial and non-holdings, held by the customer. The evaluation can be related to the results of risk analysis and performance measurement.

Portofolio Risk Analysis
This module analyzes customer portfolio according to standard classifications and calculates risk  indicators and prospective growth.

What If Analysis
It provides tools for identifying the future wealth goals desidered by the customer and the forecast of inflow/outflow.

All functional modules are ready to process detailed reports.

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Armundia Wealth Shaper

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Operates on the IT banking and finance market and develops innovative platforms for the management of the front-office processes of retail banks, Private Banks, Family Office, Asset and Wealth Managers.
Operates on the IT Insurance market and develops innovative platforms for Carriers, Brokers and Complementary Insurance Companies.
Is in charge for running strategical, specialistic and management consulting projects for the Banking and Finance IT Market.