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Armundia Asset Shaper is a software platform for Asset Management that manages the overall aspects of the investments process related to different types of portfolios (individual, private clients, managed clients, collective, institutional or property).

It’s ideal for private and retail banks, financial brokers, family offices, brokerage companies, asset management companies, wealth management companies.


  • Building and management of different portfolio models
  • High level of automation and ease of use
  • Constant monitoring of orders
  • Detailed measurement of portfolio performance
  • In-depth analysis of risk factors
  • Possibility to create detailed reports


The high level of technological innovation makes this platform a cutting-edge Property Management System (PMS), a powerful banking and financial data warehouse that helps carry out the different steps of individual or institutional portfolios management process.

It provides a service that is automated and bespoke at the same time.

Armundia Asset Shaper ensures that you carry out in the most functional way all the aspects of the investment process: portfolio rebalancing, analysis and monitoring of investment limits, trade and order management, position keeping, risk monitoring, reporting.


Model Portfolio Managemen
It provides tools for construction and management of model portfolios, which can be set under the same rules that the system will follow in the application to real portfolios.

Portfolio Optimization
It allows the definition of portfolios that optimize the risk / performance ratio of the identified mix.

Rebalancing Tools
Automated tools for rebalancing operations, which can be used more generally to work with order proposals on real portfolios.

Order & Trade Management
It includes all the functions for managing orders and allows you to monitor them from the initial proposal to the final end.

Investment Limits
It implements the control rules on portfolios and operations to provide all the tools for ex-ante verification and ex-post monitoring.

A comprehensive report management module for both internal and customer use.

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Armundia Asset Shaper

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