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Armundia Action Shaper is an advanced Customer Relationship Management System for the banking sector, designed to support and optimise the processes of sale and multichannel marketing.

It gives banks the opportunity to carry out analytical, operational and relational activities in a simple, rapid and efficient way.

Ideal for Private Banks and Retail Banks.


  • Ensure constant alignment with sectoral regulatory developments
  • Product design fully adaptable to customer profile
  • Great detail in collecting customer features
  • Managing campaigns through multichannel functions
  • Possibility of control and management of the sales force


First of all, you have the possibility to gather your customers’ data and store them in a dynamic database, which allows you to analyse them in detail. Once the outline of your customer’s situation is clear and once you identify his specific needs, you can develop highly bespoke products and strategies.

Direct marketing campaigns are monitored in order to assess their tendency and if necessary change some aspects of the strategy.

Moreover, the customer data constitute a database that will allow institutes to identify specific customer segments, in order to offer a precise service.

The platform lets you create the to-do-list, assign activities to team members and monitor them easily through the Desk View, thanks notification tools.

This software can be integrated to other IT platforms and is compatible with every type of banking infrastructure.


Product Builder & Costumer Needs Configurator
Through a smart interface the Product Manager defines products, their features and dynamic rules, which can be inked to customer profiles.

Customer Profiling & Interview Manager
This module defines all customer features in a dynamic interface (Client view).

Task Manager & Trigger Event
Individual and team tasks in Desk View can be generated manually or defined by a trigger event system.

Customer Cluster & Campaign Management
This module gives all tools to identify customer clusters and segments. A smart visual selection tool supports the marketing analyst to define the best campaign.

Sales Goals Management System
It supports the definition of sales goals, goals propagation through the bank branches, goal execution real time monitoring.

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