Since 2007, Armundia Group has been constantly looking at the landscape of technology boundaries carefully monitoring the changing market needs to be constantly a key partner for their customers, supporting them with a distinctive and personalized approach.


in 2007 Armundia was founded

Our business history begins on 30 October 2007, day of Armundia’s foundation.

The early years are devoted to the design and development of platforms and their positioning in the Italian market.


Armundia Group is born

In 2014, a company reorganization and redistribution of the company shares took place.

From this reorganization, Armundia Group is born, and Armundia itself becomes a subsidiary.


Internazionalisation Strategy

In 2015, the company launches an Internazionalisation program abroad with specialist consultancy projects, promotion of its technology platforms and distribution agreements, which shortly allowed a significantly growth in countries such as Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Luxemburg , UK, Ireland and Saudi Arabia.


Armundia has steadily grown over time

Since its founding, the company has steadily grown over time, sustainably and without acquisitions of other companies, reaching important goals in terms of networking, business and human resources.


The testimonials of our quality.

Affiliated Member of AIPB

Armundia Group is an Affiliate Member of AIPB – Italian Private Banking Association and is a member of the Technical Committee “Organization, IT & Operations”

A leading provider

Armundia Group has been recognised as a leading provider of Banking Vertical-Specific Software in an international survey by Synpulse

International Award Le Fonti Awards 2016

In 2016 Armundia Group received the International Le Fonti Awards in the ICT Services category for the banking and insurance sector