Armundia Quote-R



Armundia Quot-R is a web-based platform that allows to list, compare, quote and sell insurance products in real time.

Ideal for insurance companies, insurance broker agencies, wholesale brokers and bankinsurance operators.


  • High flexibility in product configuration
  • Quickness and completeness in building the quotation questionnaire
  • Autonomy in calculating tariffs
  • High proactivity of Cross-Selling functions
  • Optimized documental archival through paperless management
  • Fast policy delivery thanks to the automatic workflow engine


It simplifies the brokers’ activity in the phase of product search.

By integrating, if present, the different quotation systems already used by companies, the platform provides real-time answers and drastically reduces the manual component of processes. The software combines this method with flexible internal mechanisms to build and price the offer.

Armundia Quot-R is an excellent tool for the comparison of multi business lines and multi products, for the integration with the company rate management and the insurance issuing mechanisms, for reports and statistics on each phase of the business cycle.


Author module
It creates products to be published in the quotation system, customizes the questionnaire, implements the estimation rules and manages the quotation/issuing process.

It allows the identification of Affinity Group, composed by subjects which share the same needs.

It compiles a request for a quotation and compares possible offers on the basis of the type of product requested

Issuing Workflow
It manages the listing process for issuing the policy based on the compilation of the questionnaire.

Payment Management
Armundia Quot-R can be integrated with the most common payment systems.

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